Newborn Cleaning Specialists

At Minnie’s Cleaning Services we are the sanitation and nursery cleaning specialists for Prescott Valley, Arizona. Newborns are far more susceptible to germs that thrive throughout our homes, so bringing them home to a newly cleaned home is one of the highest priorities for new parents. In fact, during the first week after a baby is born is when they are the most vulnerable, which is why having a clean home and nursery is so essential for the baby’s arrival home.

Newborn Baby Homecoming Cleaning Services

  • A Thorough Cleaning of the Nursery
  • Sterilization of Door Handles &¬†Wall Switches
  • Sterilize Bathroom Sinks, Basins, Floors & Tub
  • Kitchen Counter Tops & Sinks Sanitized
  • All Non-Toxic Cleaners & Baby-Safe Sanitizing Methods

We pay special attention to bathroom and kitchen areas during a newborn cleaning service since these are the two places that cause the largest concern for a newborn baby’s arrival home. You can pay more attention to your newborn baby when you know your kitchen surfaces are free from food-borne illnesses and your bathroom is thoroughly disinfected. Using only non-toxic cleaning solutions and baby-safe disinfecting cleansers we not only sanitize, but without the addition of harsh chemicals.

A Unique Cleaning for Your Baby

Our Newborn Baby Cleaning Services are a strategic combination of our standard maid service and deep cleaning services, specifically crafted to create a clean, sanitary environment to bring baby home. Most healthy babies go home within 1 to 2 days of birth, and this type of cleaning should be done as close to that date as possible. If your due date is approaching or happened sooner than anticipated, contact our newborn cleaning specialists to come and get it cleaned fast.

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