Seasonal & Deep Cleaning Services

While spring gets all the attention when it comes to deep cleaning your home, a deep cleaning or seasonal cleaning service from Minnie’s Cleaning Services is available for your Prescott Valley home any time of year. A routine cleaning treatment and maid service will get all the usual areas, but a deep cleaning from Minnie’s will get you all that cleaning and more. Some of the areas we clean during a deep cleaning include:

  • Furniture & Mattress Detailed
  • Inside Ovens & Broilers
  • Sanitizing All Surfaces (such as walls and doors)
  • Wipe Out All Cabinets
  • Full Refrigerator Sanitizing
  • Sanitize Your Wastebasket
  • Clean the Inside of Your Hood
  • Cleaning of Your Knickknacks
  • Top of Cabinets & Above Your Microwave
  • Extra Attention is Given to Hard-to-Remove Stains
  • Move In & Move Out Cleans

At Minnie’s Cleaning Services your home or office is sure to be spotless after a deep cleaning treatment. We get all of the areas that a scheduled weekly cleaning won’t reach on a frequency to ensure that it stays clean. While we suggest getting a deep clean a few times a year, you can choose the frequency of your deep cleaning schedule.

Why Deep Clean in Prescott?

With some of the worst allergies and air quality in the United States (and perhaps the world) it is vitally important to keep up with potentially harmful allergens in your home or office. By reducing the amount of dust in the areas you live and breath in for most of your day you can easily reduce the frequency of allergy attacks and other allergen-related respiratory issues. In fact, after a deep clean the number one comment we get from our clients is that they can breathe easier inside their homes or offices.

Try it out for yourself and see just how truly clean your home or office can be.

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